Game rules and conduct

This outlines the user ("the player") conduct requirements for using services provided by CityBeetles (the “Company”, ” we”, “us” or “our”).

Our game Vammpirix has rules that the user must follow to be allowed to participate in.

Please also take a look at our Privacy Policy.

1. Registration

The user is required to create an account to access the game. The user must not use insulting or defamatory words as their chosen username.

2. Passwords

The user is required to choose a password qhen creating an account. Please use a strong password. Disclosing the account password to another player, be it ally, it is not recommended, and the player which does do this is at his own risk without receiving help from administrators later.The account owner is directly responsible for all account actions. Therefore, there is no compensation for any damage done by people who know the password of your account.

3. Communication, bad words

All participants in the game have to communicate polite and civilized. It is prohibited to use offensive messages both in chat and in descriptions of profiling, account names, in messages sent to other players. Everyone who will use these messages will first be muted (possibility to communicate inside the game is temporarily suspended). After repeated communication issues, a player may be banned (access to game is temporarily or even permanently suspended). Using abusive language, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane and derogatory treatment in any religion, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or age group is prohibited.

4. Respect for moderators

Players will show respect for administrators and moderators. Those who will not conform will support temporary mutes or bans, that is a temporarly suspension of communication possibilities or even a temporarly or permanent suspension of access to the game. Defamation of administrators and moderators is prohibited. They are here to do a job.

5. Publication of other player information

Publication on the public game chat system or in other external public mediums of reports of attacks and other information from the game, without mutual consent of the players or even moderators involved is prohibited.

6. Spam

Users must not flood the chat system with messages. Advertisements of any kind are prohibited. Players can post links to external sites as long as those links do not have offensive content.

Spam also reffers to flooding the game with multiple accounts.

7. Punishments

For any violation of the rules of the game, administrators or moderators shall take appropriate measures immediately, in the form of mutes and bans. For more serious abuses, administrators may suspend or delete accounts. The punishments may range from temporary suspension of access to communication (muting), access to the game (banning) to deleting the account. Penalties are given according to the gravity of the irregularities committed and the history of punishments. Repeated violations of the rules will bring higher penalties.

8. Zombies

Players that do not login for a long time (more than 2 rounds) become active zombies in the game. They attack and build at random. They may be cured the second the user logges back in.

9. Modifications

We reserve the right to update the rules of the game at any time. The modifications will be announced in the game and on our public channels. If the player does not request deletion of your account within 7 days from the announcement of modification of the regulations, the new rules are deemed to be accepted.

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