Vampirix Wikipedia

General questions and answers
What is the purpose of the game?

Your purpose is to have the most vampirix at the end of the round to win it. You can obtain vampirix in two ways: production and battle. Almost all buildings you own will give you some vampirix, per hour, because they are drawn to places of stress, tension and work. You may also get vampirix from other players, by attacking them.

What is a vampirix?

The vampirix has its origins in Transylvania. Legends say some eons ago, Dracula caught some weird flu and started sneezing. He sneezed for an entire day and could hardly sleep at all. He sneezed all over the place. The next night, as he woke up tired, he noticed all around him some weird little red creatures with vampire teeth. Those were the first vampirix.\n\Aparently, he sneezed on some things that became alive or just transformed some living things into these little creatures. The full origin of vampirix is still a mystery. Even for Dracula. But he likes them. And they like him. Now, you may find them all over the world. If you know where and how to look. There are many types of vampirix, but that is another story to tell.

What`s the role of the scientist?

Scientists are the brains of the operation. They developed a secret formula to control any vampirix. Without them, you wouldn`t have an army. One scientists controls and protects 100 vampirix in battles. That is why you need at least one scientist in every vampirix army. You`ll find scientists in the laboratory and can increase their production by leveling the building up and getting artifacts.

What is money for?

As you may have learned in life, money are used to buy stuff. So, you kind of need money to get around. You may increase you income by building several types of buisnesses, by acquiring artifacts or by raiding other players or public places.

Why do I need points?

Points are used for buying artifacts. You may receive points by winning battles or by leveling up some buildings that produce points for you. Only points earned in battles count as experience and help you level up your character. Also, if you use points (and money) to get artifacts, part of those points will be converted to experience, as well.

What is a public action?

You cannot raid a public place without a public action generated. What that means is that you slowly build yourself the courage to raid a public place and fight those public, wild, vampirix. One public action is beind generated per hour. And you could only accumulate as much as one day worth of public actions. Public places are interesting because you may find hidden artifacts and potions there.

What are artifacts and potions?

Artifacts and potions may be found in Public places. These magical items are hidden and protected by the vampirix. You may raid these public places and maybe find some. Also, you may trade your artifacts and potions in the Market.

Why is player level important?

It is important to grow your player level. The higher the level, the more chances of winning battles with other players. The experience points necessary for levelling up are obtained in battles. The points that your buildings produce do not count as experience, but if you use them to get artifacts, part of those points will be converted to experience.

How can I see details of the incoming armies?

You may see details of the incoming army if you activate the potion Tear of Providence or if you have a premium account.