Vampirix Wiki Buildings

This are the buildings at maximum level from the Vampirixery theme. There is also an Old School theme, for those that want to focus on the action, not on building.


The home is the center of your universe. It is the place that often produces vampirix. The bigger the house, the more problems you have, the more vampirix feed on your problems. The level of the house count as defense.


The lab creates scientists. They are the ones who control your vampirix. They grow slowly and are very expensive.

General Store

This store is as a good source of money as it is of vampirix. As the business grows, leveling up, more problems arise and more vampirix come.

Souvenir Shop

It`s good for putting your creativity to work and making some money. There are vampirix here too.


A very good source of income, but also, a preferred spot for vampirix who like to feed on tension, frustration and stress.

Coffee Shop

It is a small business, but you also get some vampirix out of it.

TV Station

This is where you get good points for fighting the system. It is also a very well liked place for vampirix who like to chew on high stress levels and hipocrisy.


The hotel will bring you a lot of vampirix, because they are attracted to the various problems that the people bring with them from home and workplace. It`s the vampirix who relaxes us in the hotels, because they eat our problems :)


Not many vampirix here, because life is nice, but you get some good money from selling your resources to city folks.

Gas Station

A business in the energy field will always give you very good money. Some vampirix here, also.