Vampirix Wiki Artifacts


Fern Flower

A magic flower that blooms on the eve of the Summer solstice and brings fortune to the person who finds it.

Hungry Grass

This is a patch of cursed grass which causes perpetual and insatiable hunger. For knowledge.

Transylvanian Shamrock

The Transylvanian Shamrock is red and only grew in the garden of Dracula, but, later was spread by vampirix all over the world.


A mythical gemstone taken from the head of a dragon and believed to have supernatural properties.

Flaming Pearl

Also known as Wish-granting pearl comes from an oriental dragon. The pearl gives spiritual energy, wisdom, prosperity, power.

Leaf from Money Tree

The Money Tree is a holy tree which can bring money and fortune to the people, and is a symbol of affluence, nobility and auspiciousness.

Leaf from Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of the knowledge is the tree of good and evil from the Garden of Eden.

Leaf from Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a tree planted in the middle of the Garden of Eden and guarded by cherubim.

Heart of the Mountain

The Heart of the Mountain is full of energy and increases your production of scientists and by small amounts those of money and points.

Jack`s Beans

Jack`s Beans are magical and can increase your production of money and, slightly, that of vampirix.

Book of Fairies

Book of Fairies has some powerful knowledge and gives you more points and scientists.

Philosopher`s Stone

Philosopher`s stone is can be used to increase productions of vampirix and scientists.

Pot of Leprechauns

This is where leprechauns keep their treasures and as they say, money can produce money.

Pan`s Flute

This is a magical pan flute that is played by the god of the wild, Pan.


This magical stones are found throughout Europe, Asia, and Polynesia and are considered to have fallen from the sky. They increase your production of vampirix but lower your production of money.

Seer Stone

This magical stone can offer revelations from other worlds so it increases your production of vampirix, bot lowers that of money.

Fairy godmother`s Necklace

Fairy godmother`s necklaces increase production of vampirix, scientists, money and points.

Aladdin`s Ring

This magical rings were given to Aladdin by the sorcerer from the Maghreb. They increase almost all productions.

The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg is a source of money. It increases 50% of your base production.

Witch`s broom

Everybody knows about these magical broomsticks. The vampirix also like riding this brooms at night.

Thread of Ariadne

Thread of being smart, as one might say. The magical ball of thread given to Theseus by Ariadne to help him navigate the Labyrinth.

Orpheus` Lyre

A golden lyre given to Orpheus by Apollo. It is said that Orpheus` music and singing could charm the birds, fish and wild beasts. An object of power.

Sisyphus` rock

He actually pushes several rocks up the hill. Some of the rocks drop. They become artifacts with good and bad effects.

Cap of invisibility

This cap has magical powers and can increase by 35% the productions of vampirix and money.

Prince Charming`s Gloves

The gloves are a source of power and increase especially the production of points.

Magic Mirror

The magic mirror shows you some good insider information. That is why it increases all productions.

Merlin`s Staff

The staff of the legendary wizard of Camelot, advisor and mentor to king Arthur.

The Golden Apple

This is some apple! Increases by 75% your production of money.

Mantle of Dracula

Hidden in very dark places, these mantles increase the production of vampirix.

Magic Wand

The powerful fairies like to change their magic wands once in a while and discard their old ones in secret places around the world.

Yeti`s Boots

He actually uses boots, because it`s cold and he`s not stupid.

Mantle of Arthur

He used many mantles, created by various sorcerers and they are all magical.

Crystal Globe

The Crystal Globe shows you ways of improving your production of vampirix and money.

Icarus` wings

He tried several times. The wings were made by Daedalus out of wax and bird feathers.

David`s Harp

This harp was hung above King David`s bed and at midnight the harp would play by itself.

Magical Lamp

These lamps were rubbed to summon a genie who granted some wishes. Now, the genies are gone, but the lamps still give power.

Sleeping Beauty`s Needle

There were many more magical needles left around in Sleeping Beauty`s room.

Belt of Evil Witch

The Belt of the Evil Witch increases almost all productions by 35%.

Santa`s Bag

He told his helpers to throw away the old bags he did not use anymore. But some helpers just took them home as a souvenir.

Prince Charming`s Sword

He had a room full of swords and he actually gave each of them all names.

Shield of Achilles

The shield that Achilles uses in his fight with Hector. He ordered more after the fight.

Mace of the Dragon

A mace with lots of power that increases all productions.

Apollo`s Bow

A legendary bow crafted from sun rays. He kept more at home, just in case one broke.

Scales from Golden Fish

One scale from the Golden Fish can grant you a wish. Good source of money.

Atilla`s Axe

One of his legendary weapons, thought to have had great magical powers.

Artemis` Bow

A golden bow wielded by Artemis that was crafted of moonlight and gold.

Joan of Arc's Sword

Sword of the Free Spirit. It gives an impulse for knowledge.

Sword of Zalmoxis

Zalmoxis was the most powerful god from the land of vampirix. He is still celebrated in Transylvania.

Gilgamesh`s Scepter

One of the powerful items that this demigod of superhuman strength left behind.

Sword of Perseus

The sword was named Harpe Sword and was made from adamantine. He had more at home, just in case.

Ring of Power

Several of these rings were forged by gods in powerful volcanoes and given to chosen heroes.

Loki`s Dagger

Loki had his own powerful path. He sometime helped the gods and sometimes behaved maliciously towards them.

Golden Goose

Why get the eggs when you can have the goose?

Moon Rock

Rare rocks, but very important. Gives a really big boost for production of points..

Scythe of Father Time

Time is relative and light has a maximum speed. More scientific info on the back of Father Time`s Scythe.

Hammer of Hephaestus

The hammer of the Greek god Hephaestus, which he used to make the Greek gods' weapons.

Mace with Three Seals

This mace is a legendary and incredible powerful weapon from the land of Transylvania.

Sword of Damocles

A huge sword hung above the throne where Damocles sat, it was held at the pommel only by a single hair of a horse's tail.

The Swords of Destiny

A pair of swords created by gods and given to a handful of kings on Earth.

Trident of Poseidon

When struck in anger, the trident caused mighty earthquakes and could stir up tidal waves, tsunamis, and sea storms.

Forbidden fruit

The true power of knowledge. It can open your eyes and gives you one more public point per hour.