Mootzulea`s Journal

Vampirix diary Mary Read

21 Nov 2023

Today I had a wild and wacky day!

It all started when I decided to prank my scientist friends. I knew that they were really into their experiments and science in general, so I thought of a way to play a joke on them. I quickly put together a few items around the house, some books from the library, a chemical reaction or two, and this old box of clocks that I had lying around, and I put it all together in to a funny prank!

I hid the prank in the attic of my house with a note saying “Beware of Mootzulea”. I wrote that I had created a brilliant new invention that could allow anyone to temporarily shrink themselves to the size of a mouse. All they had to do was press a button on the top of the box and the clocks would start ticking and magnify the effect. I was quite proud of myself for coming up with such an original idea!

They were so stunned when they found it and were even more so when they noticed that the clocks were going backwards! They were convinced that I had some supernatural power. I had to explain to them that it was all just a prank and that I had simply confused some of the chemistry equations when working on it.

My scientist friends really got a kick out of the prank and were laughing for hours. They said it was one of the most creative and absurd pranks that they had ever seen. After that, I decided to take them to the science museum to keep the laughter going so that they could learn something as well.

After the museum, I took my scientist friends to the local pub where we had a few beers and I sang a few rock songs. I was so surprised when they started singing with me, the whole pub was filled with clapping and cheers from all the regulars!

To top it all off, I treated everyone to a night of star-gazing in the hills of Transylvania. Even though the sky was filled with light pollution, I was able to point out two distant stars that formed a unique pattern, a bit like a sideways smile!

It was such a funny and memorable evening. I just love days like these when I can be surrounded by friends, talking, singing, and dreaming of the future. Who knows if one day, I’ll finally be able to go and explore Mars!

Until then, I’ll take lots of time to enjoy moments like these.

Vampirix Mootzulea

A distant cousin of Dracula, Mootzulea grew up in the hills of Transylvania, mainly in the area of Sibiu.
He knows a lot of jokes but is very determined into battles. He is passionate about science and has a lot of scientist friends. Therefore, you will have an increased production of scientists. He dreams of going to Mars one day.

This is a real journal page from the fictional Vampirix character Mootzulea