Mary Read`s Journal

Vampirix diary Mary Read

23 Sep 2023

I awoke feeling particularly peckish today. As I settled into my daily primp, I noticed the veins on my arm. Even that slight bit of pressure in my skin made me crave a feeling of relief that only consuming stress can bring.

I knew it was time to get the party started. And what better way to do that than by acting out my favorite plays, donning my most royal of persona's, and landing a plane to the middle of the night sky, all while adding a bit of music to the already thundering night?

I donned a fetching black dress with all the dynamic daring of a pirates, grabbed my parasol and bag of coins and planned my course of mischief.

First stop, the mall. As I glided through the doors, I admired the exquisite displays of all the latest and greatest products. With a shimmer of my cheeks, I was able to convince the fearful store keepers to let me glide through their rows of goods, picking and choosing whatever my heart desired.

After sensuous shopping, I made a dash to the local cafe for some quality gossip and tea. I switched between gamey discussions about the latest news to animated discussions about love and lust.

Storms descended when I made it to my girlfriends house for some good old fashioned cat time. I learnt the tricks and digs from her favorite Dracula movie, and with an outstretched hand made my leaving gesture.

Finally, I jetted off to the other side of the world, seeking regions, views, and cultures that resonated with my ancient warrior at heart. Seeking thrills that pushed the boundaries of comfort and tourist attractions. Exploring the adventurous side of life.

As I returned home, I felt contented. Full of the satisfaction of a day lived to the fullest and basking in the riches of the emotions of the human experience.

Ahh, what a day.

Vampirix Mary Read
Mary Read

She took the name of her inspiration, Mary Read, the famous pirate.
She likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, but leads very serious battles. She has a knack for making money, therefore, your production of money will be increased. Her inspiration, Mary Read, was an English pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy.

This is a real journal page from the fictional Vampirix character Mary Read