Mary Read`s Journal

Vampirix diary Mary Read

19 Sep 2023

Today was an eventful day, even for a vampire like me. It started off with a visit to the local mall. I was looking for a new outfit for my next night out, so I grabbed a few things and even splurged on a cute pair of shoes. After all, why not look good?

The mall was filled with people that were obviously stressed out, and I couldn't resist. I get to the food court and instantly I was surrounded by the smell of various dishes; some of which I couldn't even begin to place. I had my attention locked on to a woman who looked like she was about to have a complete meltdown. As I slowly approached her, I could feel the stress radiating off of her like heat waves. I leaned in close and before she could react I had already taken some of her stress away. Of course, she never noticed; she just felt a bit calmer in an unexplainable way.

I ended up staying at the mall for the rest of the day and proceeded to feed on a few more unsuspecting people. Once I had gotten my fill, I decided it was time to go out and experience the city during the night.

I put on my new outfit and took it for a spin. I went out to the hottest club and partied the night away. Of course, there were still plenty of people around for me to feed off of. I felt so powerful and sexy while walking around and taking what I wanted from any unsuspecting soul.

Eventually, it started getting late so I called up a few friends and we ended up going for a night flight. We soared through the sky, whispering secrets to each other and just generally having a great time. This was probably my favorite part of the evening and I didn't want it to end.

But eventually, my energy ran out and I had to return to to my lair. I could barely make it back, I had been so drained after a long night of partying and feeding on human stress.

But as I laid down in my bed, I felt like victorious warrior princess. It was a great night and I could not wait for tomorrow.

Vampirix Mary Read
Mary Read

She took the name of her inspiration, Mary Read, the famous pirate.
She likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, but leads very serious battles. She has a knack for making money, therefore, your production of money will be increased. Her inspiration, Mary Read, was an English pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy.

This is a real journal page from the fictional Vampirix character Mary Read